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The Twisted Spine

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I have always wondered why some of us have multiple injuries, joint replacements, and still cannot recover while others are blessed and never have any joint or musculoskeletal problems ever. It is not only due to genetics but also due to childhood injuries and activities. I have noticed that a simple short-lived injury as a child can have profound effects decades later, even creating a cascade of seemingly unrelated problems.

I started asking everyone what their childhood was like. Was it travel teams and three-season sports, couch potatoes, or somewhere in between? Were there car accidents, major falls, or hospitalizations?

Of course, a major injury may linger for years, like the old college football injury (I never played college football). But what about activities or habits that cause downstream problems years later. For instance, we all know that prolonged sitting can result in a tight neck and shoulders as well as low back pain and sciatica. What about other injuries???

In this webinar, we will peer into the murky world of The Twisted Spine to see what can become of us and how to prevent it. You will be surprised at how many conditions can result even when the spine is only slightly off.

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