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All Aboard: 10 Tips to Tackle Training Mishaps

About this event

Everyone’s got blind spots.

And when it comes to L&D, we’ve gotten to know them all: not noticing when you might be wearing out your subject-matter experts, repeating a task 100 times when there’s a much more efficient way to scale it, not asking for feedback at crucial moments...been there, done that!

That’s why 360Learning and iorad have partnered up to identify (and offer solutions for) 10 of the most frequent and frustrating training mishaps we see happen time and again. Correcting any one of these will help L&D teams run more efficiently, in addition to improving the learner experience.

Register for our webinar on Sept 9th at 12 pm ET and discover how you can up your training game and provide your employees with the best experience possible.

You’ll learn:

  • The common training mishaps companies often make
  • How to find the idea format & medium for your training course
  • Why top-down training is on its way out
  • The steps you can take to increase learner engagement and completion rates

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Andy Johnson Chief Operating Officer @ iorad

  • Guest speaker
    Alex Kinney Collaborative Learning Specialist @ 360Learning


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