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360Learning invites you to their event

Drive Better Learning Outcomes Through Interactive Learning

About this event

Hosted by 360Learning and Genially.

Zoom fatigue, remote-work burnout, pent-up frustration...It’s always a challenge to get learners excited about your courses, but the current context makes it doubly tricky for L&D teams to get employees motivated.

Luckily, there’s interactive learning.

Genially and 360Learning are teaming up to share tried-and-true methods for using interactive learning to drive up learner engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What interactive learning is, (plus actionable examples)
  • What a successful interactive learning program looks like
  • The science behind why interactive learning leads to better learning outcomes
  • How to build interactive learning activities within a Collaborative Learning framework
  • A sneak peek at how the Genially and 360Learning platforms work together to make interactive learning easy

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Brenna O'Neill Instructional Designer @ Genially

  • Team member
    Audrey Jarre Head of Learning @ 360Learning


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