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Training: How Mitsubishi achieved 99% customer satisfaction while reducing costs by 65%

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Every year, Mitsubishi Electric installs and maintains 600,000 heat pumps and air conditioning units around the world. To ensure a consistently high quality of service, they need to train thousands of customer engineers. This is already a tough job, but the COVID-19 lockdown made it even harder.

For Mitsubishi, meeting this challenge meant finding a new way to scale their training, capture expert knowledge, and stay flexible despite the shift to remote working. They also needed a way to quickly create courses, ensure quality content, and track training completions.

The answer? Flexible online training delivered with Collaborative Learning.

Join Lance Hitchins, Head of Training at Mitsubishi Electric in conversation with Lina Garcia, Customer Success Partner at 360Learning, on June 17 at 11am GMT to hear how Mitsubishi:

  • Trained 2,500 customer engineers in just one year
  • Achieved a 99% customer training satisfaction rate
  • Reduced their course costs by 65%
  • Turned their 12-month training waiting list into a 30-day wait
  • Lowered their training carbon footprint

We hope to see you there!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Lina Garcia Head of Customer Success UK @ 360Learning

  • Guest speaker
    Lance Hitchins Customer Training Manager @ Mitsubishi Electric


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