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How to Successfully Implement OKRs in Your Company to Manage Remote Team Performance

About this event

As working from home becomes the norm, you need a new way to align your teams and measure performance.

How do you make sure your employees are being productive and staying on top of all the important projects? How can you keep your teams engaged and motivated without non-stop zoom meetings and relentless slack messages?

Many have turned to OKRs (Objectives & Key Results), a collaborative goal-setting tool made famous by Google and other hyper-growth startups to create alignment, focus, and clarity across teams.

The problem? Most teams are doing it wrong or struggling to get employees to adopt them properly.

To help, we’ve partnered up with Soapbox, experts in employee engagement and team management, for a live session to discuss everything you need to know about setting OKRs successfully.

In 45mins, you’ll learn:

  • Why most companies fail at implementing OKRs & common misconceptions
  • How 360Learning successfully implemented OKRs for 200 remote employees (our tools, processes, learnings)
  • Why OKRs setting should be a bottom-up exercise and how to make it happen
  • The role direct managers play in ensuring OKRs adoption success
  • How to turn long, unproductive 1:1 meetings to high leverage opportunities to get the most out of your team
  • Best practices to create team alignment and organized productivity

There'll be a live Q&A session for you to ask your burning questions directly to our speakers, and discuss with fellow people teams in the industry.

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    360 Learning Collaborative Learning Platform @ 360Learning

  • Guest speaker
    Brennan McEachran CEO and Co-Founder @ Soapbox

    Brennan McEachran is the CEO and Co-Founder of Soapbox, a suite of tools to help leaders and their teams streamline objectives, meetings and morale into one workflow.


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