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Maintaining a cohesive culture while going remote

About this event

Hello there :)

Building a strong Corporate Culture is already a big thing when you consider how long it takes to get there 🥵

But when you finally succeeded, the world decides to go full remote. 🤷

Join Jonah Goldstein, Head of Learning at 360Learning and Sami Hero, COO at HappyOrNot for:

A live webinar on May 12 at 11am to learn about:

  • Why company culture is EVERYTHING for remote teams
  • How YOU can build stronger & more engaged teams
  • Top tips on how these companies went remote and how it still shows results

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Sami Hero Chief Operating Officer @ HappyOrNot

    I manage the entire spectrum of operations and marketing (as acting CMO) at HappyOrNot. We are the leading customer and employee experience analytics company powered by physical sensors. We offer real time feedback connected with actionable insights that propels the growth of any organization.

  • Team member
    Jonah Goldstein Head of Learning @ 360Learning SA

    As Head of L&D, I identify development needs, enable collaborative growth opportunities, and measure performance impact. I'm also the host of the CLO Connect interview series.


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