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Train Together: Turn Learning into a Collaborative Experience

About this event

Join our weekly 30-min live training with actionable tips on how to stay motivated to keep learning and get ready for the future.

Get ready to learn together!

Difficult times call for a different approach to learning where benevolence & team spirit are key. As part of the Get Ready Campaign, we decided to provide you with some extra pedagogical support. 👍

Now more than ever it's important to show your communities of learners that you care about them, but also about their opinion, as well as enabling peer learning opportunities. 📚

In this webinar we will:

  • talk about the ways to make synchronous learning happens and give you some tips and tricks for online engagement
  • discuss the many advantages of blended learning and finding ways to make your webinars and virtual classrooms almost as exciting as face-to-face gatherings 👩🏻‍🎓 
  • discover the power of contextual interactions using the example of our 360Learning course's forum 💬
  • define the best activities to make people react: how can you make your learning activities more engaging? 👍🏻

Hosted by

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    Client Success Team 360Learning

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    360 Learning Collaborative Learning Platform @ 360Learning

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    Alexandre Chainer Head of Team Plan @ 360Learning

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    Audrey Jarre Learning Engagement Coach @ 360Learning


Combining collaborative tools with the power of an LMS.

We empower Learning & Development teams to drive culture & growth through Collaborative Learning.