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383 invites you to its webinar

Rapid Prototyping in 30 minutes or less

About this webinar

Customers, markets and technologies are changing faster than ever before.

With the pace of change comes new challenges for business. How do you outflank competitors you don’t even know about? How do you increase your speed to market without sacrificing quality or experience? How do you manage innovation alongside the everyday?

When the finish line is constantly moving, it’s not just about how fast you are — it’s about how you run the race. Embracing agility means getting your preparation right, understanding your potential and your limitations, and judging when to move and when to hold. 

It’s a constant balance between short term wins and long term vision.

That's where rapid prototyping comes in.

Keeping pace means defining, creating and launching new digital experiences — at speed. Join Leon Barrett, Product Director at 383, for a 30 minute guide to rapid prototyping and find out more about:

A four-stage process for creating and testing customer-centric digital experiences
How to uncover user pains and align them to your business goals
How to build from a proposition, to an MVP, to a full product launch and rollout

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Stephanie Mulrooney Head of Marketing @ 383

  • Team member
    Tom Shepherd Partnership Lead @ 383 Project

  • Guest speaker
    Leon Barrett Product Director @ 383 Project


Simplifying life by solving problems with brilliant products.

383 is a digital product studio. We start with the problem and focus on designing the right solution. That means questioning, testing and validating everything, so we can build the right thing — and build the thing right.