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383 Snapshots | Friction Mapping

About this webinar

Excellent customer experience is no longer a luxury. It's an expectation.

To meet the demands of today's consumer, businesses need to find ways to reduce friction at every stage of the customer journey.

383 Snapshots is a series of bite size webinar sessions delivered in 30 minutes and hosted by experts in product, design, engineering and strategy. We share insights into the tools, processes and techniques we use to help our clients solve problems with powerful products, alongside actionable insights into how you can cultivate a product mindset at your organisation.

This time, we're looking at our friction mapping process. It's a framework we use to map customer journeys, uncover points of anxiety, and ideate potential solutions to improve the customer experience. Hosted by our Head of Design, Karl Randay, this session will cover:

  • How to gather valuable insights on the full end-to-end customer journey
  • How customer frictions and anxieties can highlight opportunities for development
  • How understanding customer anxiety can help to prioritise ideas and develop a roadmap

This webinar will be especially relevant for design and product teams who:

  • Have lots of customer data and feedback, but struggle to turn that into actionable insights
  • Need to generate, challenge and validate ideas for product development
  • Want to uncover the most vital areas of the customer experience for their business

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