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A Systematic Approach to Building a Highly Valuable AM Digital Warehouse

About this webinar

Companies who achieved landmark AM serial parts in 2019 had deep internal expertise in additive manufacturing that allowed them to identify high-potential parts, validate the business case and move them into full production. For the average company that wants to build a digital warehouse of spare parts or AM-ready use cases, there is no clear path to follow.

Fabian Alefeld of EOS North America and Alexandre Donnadieu-Deray of 3YOURMIND will lay out three methods companies can use to structure the approach to creating a digital warehouse of AM parts. The first method is to prove the feasibility of AM from an economic and technical perspective as well as a technical value to reduce lists of tens of thousands of parts into a manageable group of high-likelihood use cases which can be quickly assessed using agile methods.

Alexandre will then discuss how that reference methodology was built into the AM Part Identifier software and refined using the P.R.E.P. methodology to create algorithms that reliably evaluate new parts for additive manufacturing. He will discuss concrete criteria that are already generating value in the field. 

Finally, the two will discuss how 3YOURMIND and Additive Minds can be used together to help companies at the entry stage or for scaling AM. Combining business analysis and data analysis is a surefire way to overcome common blockers and build the digital AM warehouses. With the right tools, there is a clear step forward.

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    Alex Donnadieu Managing Director, North America @ 3YOURMIND

    Alexandre joined 3YOURMIND in 2017 to develop and lead operations in new markets. Currently, he is serving as the VP of Operations and has worked as Managing Director of North America.

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3YOURMIND is a Berlin-based 3D printing software company, founded by Aleksander Ciszek and Stephan Kuehr.