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Building a digital warehouse (and learning AM Agility from Crisis Response)

About this event

COVID-19 has brought 3D printing into the spotlight as a stop-gap measure for rapid manufacturing response. But the last few weeks have shown that producing medically-approved 3D parts while negotiating IP and safety considerations is a much bigger problem. With adequate preparation, AM can also fill those gaps to provide a digital stock of spare parts in an industrial environment.

Fabian Alefeld from Additive Minds of EOS North America and Alexandre Donnadieu from 3YOURMIND USA will present the lessons learned from responding to the crisis and what adjustments need to be made to digital production streams. 

Following the COVID-19 crisis, we need to prepare for future disruptions. Rapid adjustments in supply and demand can stem from a medical crisis, natural disasters, a breakthrough technology or even shifts in product demand from social influencers. Now is the time to start building resilient systems and putting agile processes into action.

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    3yourmind GmbH

  • Guest speaker
    Fabian Alefeld Consulting Manager @ EOS North America

  • Guest speaker
    Alex Donna Managing Director, North America @ 3YOURMIND

    Alexandre joined 3YOURMIND in 2017 to develop and lead operations in new markets. Currently, he is serving as the VP of Operations and has worked as Managing Director of North America.


3YOURMIND is a Berlin-based 3D printing software company, founded by Aleksander Ciszek and Stephan Kuehr.