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Helping Application Engineers Find the Most Valuable AM Parts for Production

About this event

Most companies still struggle to build a collection of parts that are suitable additive manufacturing. Our experience over the years is that only one in one hundred 100 parts in the average inventory are good additive manufacturing use cases. The problem is there is no efficient way to find those parts. Evaluating that many parts manually erases the majority of the savings from switching to additive manufacturing - if someone takes the time to even look.

3YOURMIND has developed a methodology (P.R.E.P.) which allows companies to work with their existing part databases and create algorithms to pre-sort parts into those with the highest likelihood of success for additive manufacturing. Finding AM business cases is not only a matter of technical feasibility, but also involves a variety of factors like economic impact, supply chain resilience and legal implications. That means that the analysis of parts actually needs information from several different departments to determine the parts that will have the highest business effect.

Jakub will walk through this methodology with a sample data set to create evaluation algorithms. Furthermore, he will demonstrate how the AM Part Identifier makes it even simpler to evaluate parts, particularly when the data changes over time. Having a centralized evaluation point for communicating between departments is a clear step towards building a shared digital inventory.

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    3yourmind GmbH

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    Jakub Karkocha Technical Consultant Manager @ 3YOURMIND

    Jakub Karkocha is the Technical Consultant Manager for 3YOURMIND. He has held this position for four years, acting as a lead consultant for additive manufacturing projects with large OEMs and leading 3D printing services.


3YOURMIND is a Berlin-based 3D printing software company, founded by Aleksander Ciszek and Stephan Kuehr.