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Stopping Web Supply Chain Attacks in the Enterprise

About this webinar

In 2018, data breaches increased in frequency by 424%. Reports also found that 59% of companies were breached through a third-party vendor - more specifically, by supply chain attacks.

Web-based supply chain attacks like Magecart have taken the enterprise by storm. Attacks to Equifax, British Airways, Ticketmaster, and Forbes were achieved with malicious code that was injected into companies' websites and then run in its users' browsers.

A company's website or web app has become the perfect stage to steal its users' data.

As a result of continuous research on this growing threat, we are hosting this free webinar, where we will:

  • Explain the architecture behind a supply chain attack;
  • Go into detail about the Magecart attacks operations;
  • Explain why current security approaches to web supply chain attacks fall short;
  • Demonstrate a new approach to monitor and mitigate web supply chain attacks.

By joining the webinar, you will also receive a Checklist for Mitigating Web Supply Chain Attacks and will be able to directly book a meeting with one of our Application Security Experts.

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    Karyn Azevedo Jscrambler

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    Filipe Lima Jscrambler


JavaScript Protection and Webpage Monitoring

Jscrambler provides enterprise-grade JavaScript application shielding and webpage real-time monitoring.
With Jscrambler, JavaScript applications become self-defensive and resilient to tampering, while also providing complete visibility over DOM tampering and supply chain attacks.