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Software Development Capitalization - Increasing Percentage of Work that is Capitalized & Reporting Tips

About this event

Customers use 7pace Timetracker to help them get accurate and rich data for use in making their own capitalization decisions. Ultimately, this saves a lot of time reporting and assessing, while increasing the percentage of work that is capitalized.

In this webinar we're covering...

  • What is software development capitalization?
  • Why is tracking time for this purpose important?
  • How can you improve software development capitalization efforts?
  • Why is having an integrated time tracker important?

Hosted by Dave, 7pace Chief Growth Officer

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    Maxim Shestakov 7pace


If Engineering was a guessing game, anyone could do it.

Integrated time recording for Azure DevOps users. Built-in, but out of the way. Now includes comprehensive reporting experience.