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Data Breaches: How Ready Are You To Support Your School's Data Subjects

About this event

In learning lessons from the corporate sector, Mark Whitehead, Senior Director from Deloitte, will walk you through the key tasks to help you understand your own breach readiness and what you can do to address any gaps or weaknesses you identify. In this webinar you will learn:

  • The likelihood of a breach happening at your school
  • The impact of a breach on your brand, reputation and budget
  • How to improve your ability to respond and prepare for 'breach readiness'
  • How to prepare to cover tasks across the following areas: technical, forensic, operational, legal, regulatory, insurance and communications.

About your presenter:

Mark is a Director within Deloitte, specialising in the Managed Risk Services business in the UK–with a focus on the Customer Breach Support service. Mark advises clients in the event of a data breach, in particular around customer communications, notification, support and ID protection, building on the Cyber and Privacy work of the wider firm.

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