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Distance Learning: Why Hackers Want to Stop it and What You Can Do to Protect it.

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Most schools have tried their hand at variations of distance learning, from delivering lessons via virtual learning environments (VLEs) to presenting school assemblies via video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. Data Privacy and safeguarding issues relating to the use of technology have been well documented, revealing the plethora of risk. In this webinar 9ine’s Founder and Manager Director, Mark Orchison, explores the following:

  • The most common cyber threats facing distance learning
  • Examples of tactics used by attackers to compromise school IT systems with a view to extort money through ransomware
  • The steps you need to take as a school to reduce the threat
  • How to effectively manage an incident when it happens

About your presenter:

Mark Orchison is Founder and Managing Director of 9ine. He is an experienced management consultant with expertise in data protection, cyber security, technology, project and programme management in education. Mark began his career with Sun Microsystems before moving into management consultancy, where he was the technical consultancy lead for overseeing technology systems for new build schools. Since 2009, Mark has led 9ine in becoming the leading independent K-12 technology and compliance consultancy in the UK. Mark now leads a team of twenty multi-disciplinary and specialist consultants in-house, with a client base expanding across Africa, Middle-East, Russia, India, Asia and the Americas.

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