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Education Privacy - Lessons in Data Breach Management Webinar

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Join Mark Orchison for a privacy discussion panel with Catriona Thompson, Bursar at Kingham Hill Independent School, and Richard Harrold, Data Protection Officer at ACS International Schools. Learn from our panellists and their experiences in data breach management within schools. With the increase of cyber attacks and system compromises due to the pandemic, schools should understand the ways in which they can recover should a data breach occur. Through their sharing of learned experience, webinar attendees will gain a greater understanding of how to prevent and recover from data breaches and incidents.

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  • Guest speaker
    RH G
    Richard Harrold Data Protection Officer @ ACS International Schools

  • Guest speaker
    CT G
    Catriona Thompson Bursar @ Kingham Hill Independent School

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    MO T
    Mark Orchison Founder & CEO


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