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February Cyber Security Findings from our Vulnerability Assessments

About this event

A recent report from Microsoft indicates that over 60% of malware attacks are being targeted towards the education industry.

In this monthly webinar, our Founder and CEO - Mark Orchison, and Principal Consultant - Adam Willmott will analyse the trends around cyber vulnerabilities discovered in school networks, and evaluate the previous findings from the assessment conducted in January 2021, with those identified in February 2021.

This webinar will also feature Simi Kandola- IT Director, Hampton School, where she will give insights on how the Hampton School protects itself from cyber attacks. 

The top 5 vulnerabilities discovered in our January 2021 assessment were.

  1. Vulnerabilities exposed by weak patch management
  2. EoL operating system and services
  3. Weak authentication mechanisms in place
  4. Misconfigured systems causing security risks
  5. Weak access permissions on network shares

By the end of this session, you will gain a further understanding of cybersecurity & its associated risks within the school’s IT systems, Infrastructure & Operations.

You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions related to the insights and findings.

What is a Cyber Vulnerability Assessment (CVA)

9ine’s Cyber Vulnerability Assessment is an internal assessment of the school's systems for cyber vulnerabilities that could be breached and potentially lead to the deletion, modification, or theft of data.

9ine provides an overview of the risk profile of the school to a successful cyber-attack following a high-level report with a prioritised list of security recommendations, next steps, and action.

All webinar registrants will receive a recording after the event, so you can watch it at your convenience.

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    Mark Orchison Founder & CEO

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    Simi Kandola

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    Simi Kandola IT Director @ Hampton School


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