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9ine's Introduction to GDPR Readiness Toolkit & Data Mapping Workshop

About this webinar

9ine's Webinar will provide an introduction to our GDPR Readiness Toolkit to those who are new to the GDPR, data mapping, and those who need support understanding the practicalities of managing your school's compliance programme. We will provide tips on how you can use the Toolkit as a progress tracker, data mapping tool and governance structure for compliance. We will show you a live version of the Toolkit, equipped with data mapping examples, and will demonstrate how to undertake data mapping within your school. The Toolkit itself is available for schools free of charge following the webinar.

Our webinars deliver 9ine’s independent experience and expertise in the GDPR by our own GDPR Certified Practitioners.


16.00 - 17.00 - GDPR Readiness Toolkit and Data Mapping Introduction

  • Introduction: What is data mapping and why do it?
  • Explanation of how your institution can complete the data mapping exercise
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • How to: Data Mapping
  1. Discussion of the data mapping audit forms
  2. Review of example data mapping
  • DPIA: How to progress from data mapping to the DPIA
  • Risk Assessment: How to progress from DPIA forms into the risk assessment
  • Future risk management
  • Data mapping actions and dates

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