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Additive Fusion Technology - Changing the game in the production of exoskeletons and robotics parts

About this event

  • When: Tuesday, October 11th 3pm (CEST)
  • Where: Online
  • Duration: 1 hour

Topics we will cover:

  • Context: challenges in the manufacturing and the performance for structural articulated parts in exoskeletons and humanoid robots. Opportunities for new advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Overview of the Additive Fusion Technology (AFT) as one integrated solution to produce continuous fiber composites for structural metal part substitution
  • Application specific advantages in using AFT to manufacture parts for exoskeleton & humanoid robots

We will start with an observation about the current challenges in both the manufacturing as well as the performances of current structural parts for exoskeletons & humanoid robots.

Based on this, we will investigate the potential of tapping into advanced manufacturing solutions to overcome some of these challenges. We will illustrate this by showing how one of these advanced manufacturing solutions, the Additive Fusion Technology, brings added value in substituting structural metal components with continuous fiber composites.


  • Yannick Willemin, Head of Marketing and Business Development
  • Andrea Borlenghi, Sales Manager

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    Yannick Willemin Head Marketing & Business Development @ 9T Labs AG

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