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April 2020 - New market opportunities for high performance composites in structural applications

About this event

In our first webinar beginning of March, our many attendees learned what it actually takes to additively manufacture load carrying fiber composite structures beyond mere prototypes, how an integrated workflow can significantly drive down cost and lead times and how to become one of the exclusive first customers for the newly introduced 9T Labs Red Series technology.

If you are interested to catch up on this first webinar, please watch it here or download our whitepaper.

With our second webinar, we are looking forward to answer many questions including: 

  • I never worked with composites. Would I be able to produce serial composites parts with the Red Series solution without investing too many resources?
  • How can I produce my metal parts in composites with the Red Series technology? 
  • Does it make any difference to use the Red Series technology rather than a traditional composite manufacturing process?
  • What is the added-value of using AM in the Red Series solution if it is not meant for prototyping?


  • Introduction - Purpose of our product for your production line
  • Digital prototyping - Showcase digital prototyping (FEA) and optimization of hinge part, incl. economics
  • Your end-use application - Part requirements
  • And now? - Next steps and feasibility study
  • Q&A

Speaker: Martin Eichenhofer, CEO

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    Martin Eichenhofer CEO @ 9T Labs

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