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CPD course - Digital Transformation in Physical Security

About this event

This course provides an insight into the disruptive world of digital technology, how it is impacting on conventional physical security and how we manage key and access to buildings in todays smart world.

This is a RIBA approved core curriculum subject in the Design, Construction and Technology which achieves Double CPD Points.

  • Improve the design and usability of buildings with inclusion of digital, future-proof mechatronic locking solutions which help achieve Smart Buildings.
  • Achieve cost effective, aesthetic deployment which returns a speedy ROI (return on investment)
  • Take confidence in being able to deliver scalable and flexible locking solutions which can quickly and easily be adapted as the building or end user’s needs change
  • Understand that a Mechatronic locking solution reduces cost and improves sustainability by utilising a low carbon footprint solution.
  • Gain an understanding of how Mechatronic locks and keys have now become part of the IoT and Big Data and the benefits that delivers.

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