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AcademicLabs demo - one place to find all scientific information and experts in minutes

About this event

Empowering scientists to turn their bright ideas into impactful innovations - by removing any friction along the way - that is our mission.

These days, R&D gets increasingly complex which requires collaboration as well as finding and exchanging ideas across research areas.

With the explosion of new scientific information scattered around 100s of portals (Pubmed, Google Scholar/Patents, ESPACENET, USPTO, Clinicaltrials.gov, WHO, outdated university websites, Cordis, member directories, event participants, etc.), this is all but easy.

So we set out to solve this with AcademicLabs and are excited our customers love finding insights in minutes instead of spending weeks not finding what they were looking for.

We host this webinar because we want you as well to benefit from a solution that allows you as a scientist to focus on what you do best - the creative science - instead of puzzling together bits of information.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. how you can find and stay updated on all the scientific information you need in one place, saving hours per week.
  2. how to deep dive and get the instant insights you can not find anywhere else.
  3. how to use the world's best scientific expert finder system to find collaborators and advisors

Attendees receive 1 week free access along with 3 colleagues to AcademicLabs.com. It is the world's leading platform to find external expertise and is used by scientists in leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies like Janssen, GSK, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novo Nordisk, CSL...

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Arne Smolders Founding CEO @ AcademicLabs

    As an ambitious life sciences PhD researcher, I experienced that the journey of turning bright ideas into impactful discoveries and innovations is full of friction. So I started AcademicLabs to eliminate the friction and give all scientists a real chance to have the impact they and society crave.


The world’s scientific knowledge and experts, all in one place

AcademicLabs is the new homepage for ambitious scientists and external innovation specialists. The platform gives you access to the world’s scientific knowledge and experts all in one place, so you can turn more of your bright ideas into impactful innovations.