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How to find ideal research collaborators, KOLs and Rising Stars in less than a minute?

About this event


Learn in this on-demand demo session (you can watch it at any time) how to discover in no-time rising star research groups, established thought leaders, academic experts, and pharma competitors currently active in your global R&D ecosystem.

Attendees receive 1 week free access along with 3 colleagues to AcademicLabs.com, the world's leading platform to find external expertise and used by Janssen, GSK, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novo Nordisk, CSL...

Challenges all pharmaceutical and biotech companies have

1. R&D is increasingly complex and requires deep specialization. Meaning, we all need to collaborate across borders of research topics, organizations, and countries.

2. Your organization wants & needs to better leverage external scientific expertise and new insights.

3. It wishes to do so in a systematic and objective way, not ad hoc and based on who you already know or is easy to find.

4. Information you need is not easily available, fragmented over many portals, university websites, etc. So you need to puzzle together a lot of bits and pieces or rely on your existing network or expensive consultants. All of this takes a lot of time, is not the best use of your expertise, is more expensive than it should be, and does not deliver the best results you're aiming for.

On-demand demo

In this on-demand demo, you will learn how External Innovation, Business Development, CI teams, Discovery, Development, and Clinical scientists at leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are evolving to be more systematic, proactive, and objective in identifying and leveraging the most promising opportunities around the world.

We will show you how to identify in seconds:

  • Rising Star research groups or KOLs, who e.g. collaborated before with companies
  • Who has recently won reputable grants in your topic of interest
  • Who is leading clinical trials in your TA and which companies do they work with
  • Who has the most patents on your topic and in selected universities
  • Who has published on your topic review publications in top journals in recent years that are being cited more than 20 times
  • The best universities based on criteria relevant to you
  • Competitor activities and collaborations
  • Promising biotech companies

... and how to never miss out on new experts and new research activities from experts you're following.

After watching the demo, just reach out to francesco@academiclabs.com to receive - along with up to 4 colleagues - a full week of free access in July or August to get your first successes.

Hosted by

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    Arne Smolders Founding CEO @ AcademicLabs

    As an ambitious life sciences PhD researcher, I experienced that the journey of turning bright ideas into impactful discoveries and innovations is full of friction. So I started AcademicLabs to eliminate the friction and give all scientists a real chance to have the impact they and society crave.


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