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Global Online #FiresideChats invites you to their webinar

Global Online #FiresideChat- "BitCoin, Is it a Fraud? Our Global Panel Shares its Insights!"

About this webinar

Share, Register, Login and Learn from #Experts on a Global Online #FiresideChat - "BitCoin, Is it a Fraud? Our Global Panel Shares its Insights!" Join UN Women Empower Women Global Champion Alysia Silberg and a Panel of Global #Experts for a #FiresideChat. Join us this Wednesday 27 Sep 10am ET, 3pm London, 3pm Lagos, 6pm Dubai & 7:30pm Mumbai! Register now! 

Money, Capital, Digital Currencies, Massive Returns, CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Global Money Flow. What does it all mean for the future of money? Is it here to stay or is it all one big hoax? Our Global Panel of Experts, Helps you decide!

"There are 3 eras of currency: Commodity based, politically based, and now, math based.” 
- Chris Dixon, Technology Investor.

"Bitcoin is a fraud that will ultimately blow up... The digital currency is only fit for use by drug dealers, murderers and people living in places such as North Korea."
- Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan

As we enter this new era of digital currencies, there are many perspectives floating around. Our panelists help you get to the bottom of this BitCoin Mania.

Join our Global Online #FiresideChat and learn from our Panel of #Experts as they discuss life after failure and the impact of failure on the future success of an entrepreneur.

This session on 27 September promises to be incredibly thought provoking and absolutely not to be missed!

Don't forget to login @ 10am ET, 3pm BST, 3pm Lagos, 4pm SA, 6pm Dubai, 7:30pm Mumbai. Your success depends on it!

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  • Guest speaker
    TA G
    Terry Afram

    Berlin, Germany - Based Thomas J. Ackermann is a Technology Innovator,  Early Technology Adopter and Blockchain Expert.

  • Guest speaker
    JH G
    James Hayden

    Connecticut, USA - Based Jamil Hasan is a Financial Technologist, Leader and Blockchain CryptoCurrency Expert.

  • Guest speaker
    BB G
    Bjorn Bjercke

    Oslo, Norway  - Based Bjorn Bjercke is an Technologist, Public speaker and Technical Adviser on Cryptographic Technologies.

  • Guest speaker
    PF G
    Patrick Feeney

    New York, USA - Based Patrick Feeney is a Trader, Entrepreneur and Blockchain / CryptoCurrency Expert.

  • Guest speaker
    S G
    Aryan Srivastava

    California, USA - Based Arianna Simpson is a Technologist, Speaker, Startup Enthusiast and Venture Capitalist.

  • Team member
    Alysia Silberg CEO @ Global Online #FiresideChats

    Global tech entrepreneur, disrupter, New Media Futurist and Technology Investor.