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From generic to personalized: Saint-Gobain’s digital transformation

About this event

Welcome to another Mini Masterclass session! This time we have the pleasure to welcome Sanne Vincent, Head of E-commerce & Customer Insights at Saint-Gobain.

Despite being a small team, Saint-Gobain has achieved many digital accomplishments. They have successfully implemented customization and personalization at scale for their high-volume business, both online and in physical stores. They developed an innovative app tailored to their users' needs, launched a highly personalized new website, and been nominated to prestigious awards for their exceptional efforts.

Additionally, they have centralized their customer data using Adobe's Experience Platform, creating the way for comprehensive omnichannel personalization and customer journey mapping. These achievements, among others, mark exciting digital milestones in Saint-Gobain's personalization journey.

In this session, we are fortunate to hear from Sanne, who has been with the company for 16 years and has been instrumental in this journey, their experiences, and the path they followed.

What you can expect:

  • Saint-Gobain's personalization & customer experience journey: Hear about their journey, from the purchase of Adobe technolgy 13 years ago to the present day, including groundbreaking developments like their app.
  • Understanding the customer: Having a large and diverse customer base, the importance of personalized service and targeted communication in their strategy.
  • The role of data and the right technology: Their implementation of the customer data platform, "The AEP", and how data centralization has enabled omnichannel personalization, customer journeys, and the ability to undertake projects they would otherwise not have been able to do.
  • Advice from Sanne & Saint-Gobain: Gain tips, learnings, and recommendations from their experience.

📅 Save the Date: 12th of July 🕒 Time: 13:00 CET

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