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Be a Leader They Said: The Rise of Female Leadership in Fintech

About this webinar

While the ratio of females working in the fintech industry is low, the ratio of females in leadership positions is even lower. This comes from the banking industry being traditional and male-dominated. Only 12% of founders in fintech are female, and that just 18% of ‘banking leaders’ are women (Findexable Report, 2019). In order to make a change, we want to give those women a stage to share their experiences and inspire others. By uniting our strengths, we can strive for equality in gender, as diversity pushes innovation and financial results (report).

Our speakers from Penta, solarisBank, Moonfare, and Vantik will share their journey and the challenges they face in their leadership positions. Afterwards, we will invite them back on stage to answer some pending questions:

1. What kind of gender-specific challenges do you face in your role? What kind of consequences does that have?

2. How can we get more gender-equality with-in the Fintech sector? And why is that important?

3. Who serves as a role model for you in the industry?

Join us to discuss female leadership in fintech!

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  • Guest speaker
    Jessica Holzbach Co-Founder & CCO @ Penta

    Penta operates in Germany and Italy, with a team of over 95 people in three locations (Berlin, Belgrade, Milan). Before co-founding Penta, Jessica had experience as a founder of a start-up in the food-tech sector and as a management consultant for financial institutions and insurance companies.

  • Team member
    Isabel Strijland Growth Manager @ ACELR8

    A creative team player with an entrepreneurial mindset. I am curiously observing the world around me and eager to grow. Currently building out ACELR8 and working alongside founders to scale their startups by aligning business goals with a fitting people strategy.

  • Guest speaker
    Delia Konig Managing Director @ solarisBank

    She is leading a unit that is striving to disrupt the market by building cutting edge KYC products for fintechs and other digital companies to ensure a smooth onboarding process for their customers (consumers and corporate clients alike), compliant with latest AML regulations.

  • Guest speaker
    Anna Lena Zeisbrich CPO @ Vantik

    She founded two tech startups in the past, combined with 10 years of corporate experience at Bayer. She will share her experiences working in male-dominated leadership teams and the experience of pitching to investors as female.

  • Guest speaker
    Martin Schilling

    He was a COO at N26 in the last years and believes that entrepreneurship is one of the most effective ways to be a force for good.

  • Guest speaker
    Antonia Piersanti Partnerships Manager @ Moonfare

    She made it part of her mission to get diverse talent in and is heavily involved in hiring — where bringing more females into the teams and into leadership at Moonfare is one topic. This requires bringing awareness to the topic and thinking outside of the box.


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