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Planting the Seed: How VCs Support their Early-Stage Startups with Hiring

About this webinar

Venture Capital firms offer all kinds of financial, operational and strategic support to their portfolio companies, which, in turn, raises the odds of making the startup successful. Hiring great talent is at the core of growing a successful startup. However, there are only a handful of people that work at VCs and dedicate their work to hiring for these startups. Can we change that?

We invited three speakers to our panel: Anne, Puren, and Ulrike, who are heading up the People & Talent function of notable venture capital firms in the European startup ecosystem. In this Talking Talent, we will discuss how hiring support is offered by training on hiring as a core business function, advice on building out the recruitment team, access to a shared talent pool and international network, along with recommendations to agencies, the creation of hiring plans, building a consistent culture and more.

Discussion points:

  • What kind of initiatives do you offer to support your portfolio companies with their hiring?
  • What mistakes do not-yet-funded or newly-funded companies make when it comes to hiring?
  • How should a startup founder think about hiring plans/forecasts?
  • How to draft an impactful/efficient recruitment process while including support from VC?

The discussion would be about 40 minutes, followed by a 20 minutes audience Q&A. Make sure to join in!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Puren Ucar Executive Recruitment & International Talent @ Earlybird VC

    Passionate about working with the smartest & hard-working tech-founders. She is doing whatever it takes to help EarlyBird's investments across Europe to scale and grow, supporting them on all things relating to talent.

  • Team member
    Isabel Strijland Co-founder & Head of Growth @ ACELR8

    Changing the UX of recruiting.

  • Guest speaker
    Anna Ott VP People @ HV Capital

    She joined HV Ventures in April and supports the active portfolio in going through the various stages of startup maturity from a talent management perspective. From hiring to organizational design to best practices in HR and cultural matters.

  • Guest speaker
    Ulrike Schadeberg Head of People & Global Executive Recruitment @ Cherry Ventures

    She is linking portfolio companies to talent in multiple markets and equipping founders with the right tools and HR resources while sharing HR knowledge learned within 10+ years owning people matters in various organisations

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