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Is Milling Obsolete? Endless Possibilities with 3D Printing

About this event

Is Milling Obsolete? Endless Possibilities with 3D Printing is presented by none other than the award-winning CDT and CEO of Sculpture Studios, Lee Culp.

In this webinar, Lee Culp will discuss the following

  • The progress of 3D printing over the years
  • Present his latest cases to demonstrate the differences in 3D printing & milling
  • The recent improvements made to 3D printing resins & how it impacts dental technicians worldwide

Stay tuned for a live Q&A with Lee Culp, Ackuretta's General Manager, Tom Caulfield, and Pac-Dent's Product Manager, Ryan Solorzano!

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    Ackuretta Technologies Dental 3D Printing Solutions @ Ackuretta

    Helping dental professionals every day to boost their clinic's and lab's productivity while improving patient care and making same-day dentistry a reality.

  • Guest speaker
    Lee Culp CEO and CDT @ Sculpture Studios

    Lee Culp, CDT is the CEO of Sculpture Studios, a dental laboratory, research, and product development center, for new and innovative digital diagnostic, restorative, and digital applied applications to surgical and restorative dentistry. Most recently, Lee has been awarded with the Hall of Fame Award by the National Association of Dental Laboratories, and the 2022 Evy Award for Outstanding Innovation in Dentistry awarded by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Lee is an avid writer and is a contributor to eight dental textbooks, including a chapter in Dr. Peter Dawson’s book Functional Occlusion: From TMJ to Smile Design.

  • Guest speaker
    RS G
    Ryan Solorzano Product Manager @ Pac-Dent

    As a member of the Pac-Dent R&D team and with 20+ years of experience in digital restorative dentistry, Ryan Solorzano is an expert on 3D printing resins and technology.


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