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Blue Green Roof Drainage - Making Sustainable Urban Environments a Reality - October 2023

About this event

ACO invite you this CPD that will challenge your perception about Blue Roof design.

This session will help architects, roofing contractors and engineers understand more about

  • What is the function of a blue roof attenuation system and the engineering disciplines required for successful delivery?
  • How a blue roof should be seen as an attenuation system within the roof build up, and not as a roof waterproofing system.
  • How blue roofs can complement green infrastructure.
  • Define the different types of blue/green roofs and their benefits and explain key drainage design considerations.
  • How ACO can help you with warranty issues in partnership with others and de-risk the installation of an attenuation system that will help you meet planning conditions.
  • Outline the best way to design a blue roof that can drain slowly in normal use and quickly in extreme circumstances.

Delivered by ACO’s in-house blue roof design expert – Neill Robinson-Welsh – this webinar CPD will illustrate how to design a blue/green roof which can meet the flat roof design standards under BS EN 12056-3:2000 and meet planning conditions without compromising either requirement.

This event counts as 1 hour CPD and is CPDSO accredited

For more information about ACO's Patented Blue/green roof system click here

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Aco Technologies plc Moderator @ ACO

  • Guest speaker
    David Seaman Specification Manager @ ACO

  • Guest speaker
    Neill Robinson-Welsh Blue Roof Consultant

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