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Birmingham: “Habitat connectivity”

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Habitat connectivity is key to supporting and enhancing biodiversity. In the UK we have often small nature reserves and fragmented semi-natural areas. With the onset of climate change the regional distribution of species will change. Therefore, we must connect green infrastructure and create Nature Recovery Networks or green networks on a local and national level. In both urban and rural areas to create resilient landscapes.

We have to ensure the appropriate design and management of hedgerows, verges and street trees to create important wildlife corridors. It is important that we don’t introduce linear routes for transport or create physical barriers and divide critical areas of connected habitat, but where fragmentation does occur we must implement technologies that penetrate infrastructure and enable the free movement of invertebrates, insects and mammals safely.

There is increasing evidence to support how Nature Recovery Networks increase carbon capture, reduce flood risk, improve water quality, boost tourist and benefit public health and wellbeing and increase community cohesion through engagement projects.

This session will investigate some of the issues, the technologies available and how different groups are acting to protect species based on science and research.

This webinar forms part of the Habitat Matters series. To find out more about Habitat Matters visit

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  • Team member
    Adam Cane Knowledge Manager @ ACO Technologies Plc

    Qualified Civil Engineer (BSc) with experience as a Highway and Bridge Engineer and Technical Sales Engineer for FEA engineering software. At ACO, he now uses this experience as the Knowledge Manager. Managing the Continued Professional Development portfolio and knowledge base for the company.

  • Guest speaker
    Kathy Wormald Chief Executive Officer @ Froglife

    Kathy joined Froglife in 2007 and has over 30 years of experience working in the NGO sector. Kathy has been a trustee for the Pesticides Action Network Europe, the Women’s Environment Network and the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

  • Guest speaker
    Mike Pratt Chief Executive Officer @ Northumberland Wildlife Trust

    Mike has been the CEO of Northumberland Wildlife Trust for 16 years. During this time the trust have doubled reach and tripled resources to become the largest local environmental charity in the North East. Mike has been involved in nature and the environment throughout his 35 year career.

  • Guest speaker
    Lauren Moore PhD researcher @ Nottingham Trent University

    Lauren collaborates with various universities. Her work centres on road ecology, focusing on the impacts of roads on mammals. Specifically investigating the viability of hedgehog populations surrounding roads in Europe and measures to reduce road mortality and improve habitat permeability.

  • Guest speaker
    Matt Shardlow Chief Executive @ Buglife

    Matt is Chief Executive of Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust - the only organisation in Europe committed to saving all invertebrates; the charity has twenty-eight staff members and delivers improvements for little animals on the ground and in policy.

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