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Bristol: “habitat and species conservation"

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This webinar will explore how individuals, and voluntary and charitable groups play a vital role in habitat and species conservation.

Enthusiasm for nature in the general public is growing, over a 4 year period between 2014 & 2018 the number of people highly engaged with issues associated with biodiversity loss doubled. Loneliness and anxiety within our communities has increased with COVID. Societal capitol is a valuable resource in our fight to protect the environment around us. Therefore we must create spaces that not only enhance biodiversity but also create places for community engagement.

During this webinar, we will explore:

  • History of groups and initiatives that have protected the natural environment and biodiversity
  • How does the UK population engage in biodiversity conservation?
  • How has engagement and monitoring help the natural environment?

This webinar forms part of the Habitat Matters series.

Panel of speakers:

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  • Team member
    Adam Cane Knowledge Manager @ ACO Technologies Plc

    Qualified Civil Engineer (BSc) with experience as a Highway and Bridge Engineer and Technical Sales Engineer for FEA engineering software. At ACO, he now uses this experience as the Knowledge Manager. Managing the Continued Professional Development portfolio and knowledge base for the company.

  • Guest speaker
    Darren York

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    Lisa Chilton

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    Matt Shardlow

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    Leigh Hunt

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