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Inverness: “Management of High Quality Green Spaces”

About this event


Understanding what made a good green space and then, once we have planted or protected trees, increased areas of green space, installed SuDS and done everything that we can to integrate nature into the city, the next stage is to ensure that it is maintained to deliver the maximum benefits. The first step is to design with maintenance in mind, the second it to recognise maintenance as a vital, caring profession and that, without ongoing maintenance capital investments are a waste of money.

This session will look at the critical role of maintenance and place-keeping to fully benefit from the services that nature can offer.

Key points

  • How do we measure the effectiveness of good green space?
  • How do we manage and maintain green spaces for maximum benefit now and in the future?
  • How is good governance increasing the longevity of habitats?
  • How can the public get involved to report issues and maximise the potential of green spaces?

Facilitator/ chair:

  • Robert Huxford, Director at Urban Design Group (Confirmed)


  • Professor Cecil Konijnendijk, Director at Nature Based Solutions Institute
  • Nicola Dempsey, Senior Lecturer at University of Sheffield
  • Duncan Royle, Senior Consultant/Natural Capital Accountant at EFTEC

This webinar forms part of the Habitat Matters series.

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  • Guest speaker
    Dr Nicola Dempsey Senior Lecturer in the Department of Landscape Architecture @ University of Sheffield

    Nicola is an interdisciplinary social scientist whose research interests are focused on place-keeping: the long-term management of our green and open spaces. Examining how relevant policies, strategies and political rhetoric are implemented in, and experienced by, open spaces users.

  • Guest speaker
    Cecil Konijnendijk Director @ Nature Based Solutions Institute

    Cecil has over 25 years of experience studying, teaching, and advising on aspects of urban forestry and nature-based solutions. Widely considered as one of the world’s leading urban forestry experts. He's a professor of urban forestry at the University of British Columbia.

  • Team member
    Adam Cane Knowledge Manager @ ACO Technologies Plc

    Qualified Civil Engineer (BSc) with experience as a Highway and Bridge Engineer and Technical Sales Engineer for FEA engineering software. At ACO, he now uses this experience as the Knowledge Manager. Managing the Continued Professional Development portfolio and knowledge base for the company.

  • Guest speaker
    Duncan Royle Eftec @ Senior Consultant/Natural Capital Accountant

    Duncan is a Chartered Global Management Accountant and has over twenty-five years’ experience in senior finance roles. In 2015 he was instrumental in the development of the framework and methodology for Corporate Natural Capital Accounting for the UK Natural Capital Committee.

  • Guest speaker
    Robert Huxford Director @ Urban Design Group

    'Improving Streets – Past, Current and Future Practice' Robert will review the new ICE-UDG-PRIAN-TDAG briefing sheet on Current and Withdrawn Street Design Standards, dealing with the problems caused by the use of standards based on 1960s and 1970s guidance, and comparing with current guidance

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