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Hygienic Drainage Design for the Food and Drinks Industry - Feb 2023

About this event

With food-borne illness costing the nation over £2.6 billion per year, the risks to companies’ finances and reputation can be easily mitigated with the right equipment and processes in place. 

This presentation explains the critical impact drainage has on food factory hygiene, educates participants about EHEDG's principles of hygienic design and talks about the resulting operational and cost benefits to food and drink manufacturers.

You will learn:

• How hygienic drainage systems underpin HACCP processes to help mitigate the risk of contamination through spreading common bacteria that can present major challenges for food producers.

• The key attributes to look for when installing/refurbishing a drainage system to become as hygienic as other food contact surfaces.

• How effective drainage layouts and product designs can be applied to maximise hygienic performance and optimise cleaning and maintenance of both the drainage and the production floor.

• How effective cleaning regimes when coupled with the right drainage systems can help drive cost reductions and improve cleaning performance.

• How effective use of high capacity drainage gullies can increase factory hygiene and reduce health and safety risks.

Get advice in the Q&A from our specialist Food & drink drainage specialists.

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    Mario Finelli National Sales Manager @ ACO

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    Aidan Davey

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    Aco Technologies plc Moderator @ ACO

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