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Managing Rail Surface Water

About this event

The UK Rail industry goes back to the 18th Century and HS2, Crossrail and Crossrail 2 are transporting us into the future. The rail industry has a huge amount of infrastructure. Each of these areas come with a variety of restrictions and health and safety requirements for design.

In this presentation we look at the codes of practice used for the design of surface water management systems on Network rail and TfL’s networks. Providing in depth knowledge of the Surface Water Management solutions on offer and how the effect specific scenarios.

Finishing the presentation with a flurry of case studies and how ACO have worked on a variety of different projects covering the areas of; station buildings, platforms, maintenance sheds, light rail, parking and roads in line with the standards set out and how we implement SuDS within our designs. 

Learning outcomes

• Learn about the history of the Rail industry and its prospective growth

• Understand Issues associated with surface water on Rail Infrastructure and the associated problems

• How to calculate channel drainage systems using the simple index approach

• Standards and guidance that effect the design, install, operation of surface water management systems

• The application of surface water management products

• SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) and how these fit within Rail Infrastructure

• The design requirements for maintenance of surface water management systems

• Case studies referring to different design scenarios; Station Buildings, platforms, Maintenance depots, light rail, station car parks and roads

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Gary Morton Head of Stakeholder Engagement @ ACO Technologies Plc

  • Team member
    Adam Cane Knowledge Manager @ ACO Technologies Plc

    Qualified Civil Engineer (BSc) with experience as a Highway and Bridge Engineer and Technical Sales Engineer for FEA engineering software. At ACO, he now uses this experience as the Knowledge Manager. Managing the Continued Professional Development portfolio and knowledge base for the company.

  • Guest speaker
    Peter Bembridge Specification Manager @ ACO

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