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Acoem ES-405 Met One low cost, high performance, industrial grade particle counter

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Acoem Met One (also known as Met One Instruments, Inc) has developed an industrial grade particulate monitor which simultaneously measures and reports PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 concentrations with 1-minute time resolution and exceedingly high sensitivity of less than 0.1 μg/m3.

The particulate monitor, known as the ES-405, comes standard with an internal datalogger, and weatherproof enclosure. It may be interfaced to a cloud modem where cellular signals are available to put the data on the web and make it available in real time for public use, enabling visualization and communication of data. The unit can be used for dispersion modelling when equipped with an optional wind speed/wind direction sensor.

The ES-405 has been operated over an entire year at various air quality testing sites in the United States including Elizabeth NJ, Salt Lake City UT, and Riverside CA. Total mass in the form of PM1.0, PM2.5, and PM10 was continuously measured during the event using US-EPA FEM designated beta attenuation mass monitors “BAM”. For factory-calibrated ES-405 monitors the ES-405 provided results that were generally within ± 20-25% of the reference. If the ES-405 undergoes a site-specific calibration against either a BAM or a filter-based reference, its readings can be made to be within ± 10% of the reference.

In this 15 min presentation we will present representative results from multiple testing sites demonstrating the usefulness of the ES-405 for fence-line monitoring applications, such as would be found at construction sites, landfills, or industrial facilities or for community monitoring activities where a reliable, portable, stand-alone monitor is needed for continuous air-quality surveillance.

[This abstract by Acoem Met One was co-authored by David Gobeli, PhD, and Jen Brown and presented by David Gobeli, PhD at the 26th International Clean Air & Environment Conference hosted by the Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand (CASANZ) on 13 Sep 2022 in Adelaide, South Australia.]

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