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Aurora™ range of nephelometers - Aerosol monitoring for climate research

About this event

Acoem’s Aurora™ Nephelometers accurately measure light scattering properties of aerosols. Atmospheric scientists and environmental agencies around the world rely on Acoem’s range of Aurora™ Nephelometers due to their accuracy, flexibility, ease of use and ability to work successfully under extreme weather conditions.

The Aurora™ 3000 and Aurora™ 4000 operate in a number of networks including ACTRIS and GAW stations and have been used in a diverse variety of international research campaigns from Antarctica to the Gobi Desert — on ships, aircraft, mobile vehicles and atop tall towers in jungle tree canopies.

Please join us as we explore the way our Aurora™ range supports the research community by providing solutions to help solve complex climate problems; and assists authorities to make informed decisions based on quality data, reducing communities’ potential exposure to particulate-related pollution.

You should definitely attend if you are:**

  • An aerosol or climate studies researcher seeking reliable light scattering data
  • Researching the effect of aerosols on the global radiative balance
  • Interested in analysing the hygroscopic properties of aerosols
  • Working on visibility studies
  • Looking to use the Aurora Nephelometer in conjunction with other instruments
  • Collaborating across industry and academia.

[** Please note. Parts of this presentation were delivered on 20 Nov 2020. However, both presenters — Grant Kassell & David Logan — will be LIVE to introduce the session online and available to answer questions at the conclusion of the webinar.]

During this insightful 30 mins you will learn more about:

  • The breadth of the Aurora’s functionality and how to use it to its full potential to measure visibility, full scatter and backscatter at various wave lengths
  • How various options and accessories can assist with integrating the Aurora™ Nephelometer into your aerosol monitoring platform
  • How the Aurora™ Nephelometers and the Aerosol Conditioning System (ACS-1000) complement each other and how they can work together for even greater aerosol analysis.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Grant Kassell Engineering, Research & Development Manager @ ACOEM

    An innovative leader, Grant has been instrumental in developing many of Acoem’s key air quality monitoring solutions over the past 25+ years, including a range of gas, aerosol and particulate monitors, as well as data logging, auditing and reporting software.

  • Team member
    David Logan Senior Electronics Engineer @ ACOEM

    David is responsible for the electrical/electronic design, development and improvement of all Ecotech’s product range. He specialises in the operation and continued development of the Aurora Nephelometer range including the ACS1000. He has over 25 years experience with Ecotech products.


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