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Congrego Data Logger – New sequencing features including Blockly Interface

About this event

Acoem’s Congrego® data logger is already the logger of choice for ambient air and continuous emission monitoring systems around the world. As part of our commitment to always provide our customers with the most-up-to date technology and solution enhancements, we have introduced a number of new features that will be available as part of your annual Congrego® subscription service.

For the first time in an air quality monitoring logger, we have added in a new sequencing feature that will expand the visual capabilities of your logger. The highly-configurable "Blockly Interface" uses visual blocks that link together and was originally developed by Google for educational purposes. It will allow you to further customise how your data is captured and reported. It will also provide a multitude of benefits for Congrego® users with broad logging requirements, including the ability to perform CEMS stack sequencing of multiple stacks using a single Congrego® logger.

Please join us as we explore the latest additions to Congrego® and discover why our technology is trusted by industries, government and researchers worldwide.

You should definitely attend if you are:

  • Interested in learning more about data logging for ambient air & emissions monitoring
  • Looking to upgrade your data logger
  • Already a Congrego® user
  • An Acoem distributor or staff member.

During this insightful 20 minutes you will learn more about:

  • The merits of Acoem’s Congrego® subscription service
  • How the new sequencing feature will help your productivity
  • The types of applications that Blockly interface functionality can be used for
  • Other upgrade features being introduced.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Chris Edwards Senior Software Engineer Team Lead @ Acoem

    Chris has spent more than a decade with the company. As the head of the software team at Acoem Australia, he has been responsible for the roadmap and development of Congrego software as well as our other packages including Airodis, AMS and in-house testing and utility software.

  • Team member
    Grant Kassell Engineering, Research & Development Manager @ ACOEM

    An innovative leader, Grant has been instrumental in developing many of Acoem’s key air quality monitoring solutions over the past 25+ years, including a range of gas, aerosol and particulate monitors, as well as data logging, auditing and reporting software.


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