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Exploitation of Air Quality Monitoring Data Webinar by Jim Mills & Felicity Sharp

About this event

Jim Mills and Felicity Sharp on behalf of ACOEM Air Monitors will be providing a webinar on a holistic approach to air quality management using an optimal balance of modelling and monitoring to improve the exploitation of data generated and better guide mitigation policies and behaviour change.

You should definitely attend if you are:

  • A local authority dealing with air quality
  • Involved in air quality with councils

During this insightful half hour, you will learn more about:

  • Air Quality Monitoring Data
  • Air Quality Monitoring Challenges
  • Scale Separation
  • Emission Indices

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Felicity Sharp Managing Director @ ACOEM Air Monitors

    Felicity has worked within the ACOEM group for 15 years, having first been part of the Ecotech team and now heads up ACOEM Air Monitors in the UK.


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