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Academy Excellence: How to Create Academies that Rock

About this event

Actimo & Performanze

In this webinar you will get insights on what to be aware of when designing an academy and how to combine the academy with face-to-face training to increase learning output.

We will focus on how to use the academy as a part of a learning and development strategy.

In this session you will learn about:

  • When and why to use online academies as an add-on to both internal and external training programs
  • Knowledge about the most common design failures in learning and development
  • How to adapt the academy to programs run by external partners.

Finally we will tell you the single most important thing, to ensure learning output from your future training programs.

The methodologies presented is build on several business cases, with national and global customers using Actimo as the platform.

Hosts of the webinar are Andrew Tiscoe, Head of Account Management at Actimo and Emil Hejlskov, Partner at Performanze. Emil has more than 9 years experience working with designing online training academies, onboard programs and improving the internal communication between devisions in medium to large size companies.

We might get in touch with you after the webinar to ask some questions and get further insights. 

Hosted by

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    Andrew Tiscoe Head of Account Management @ Actimo


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