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Employee Pulse Surveys: How to better understand your employees and boost remote engagement

About this event

With only 15% of the workforce worldwide being engaged, Employee Engagement is on top of every manager’s agenda. The effects of coronavirus, new regulations, lockdowns and social distancing has made it even more difficult to sense how your remote employees are doing and how engaged they really are. 

In this webinar, we want to show you how you can best approach the topic of employee engagement surveys in your organization, which best practices you can apply and how you can get started tomorrow.

In this webinar we will explain: 

  • What is employee engagement and how you can best measure it
  • Which questions you can ask your employees to understand your engagement levels
  • How you can take quantitative and qualitative insights to empower your managers and team leads to make better decisions

This webinar will be hosted by our two in-house experts: Product Marketing Manager Melissa Keller and Head of Account Management Andrew Tiscoe.

If you’re interested in this webinar but are unable to attend live, sign up anyway to get the automatic recording afterwards and watch the session when it fits you best.

We’re looking forward to seeing you. 

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    Melissa Keller Customer Success Manager @ Actimo

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    Andrew Tiscoe Head of Account Management @ Actimo


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