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How to Ensure Remote Onboarding and Employee Engagement in a World of Multiple Locations

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The last couple of weeks have shown that working remotely comes with its very own challenges, both for employees and their manager. How do you keep engagement high when you don’t have regular face-to-face touchpoints with your employees? How do you ensure they are properly onboarded and ready for their tasks when they start their job? How do you keep everything centralised and streamlined?

To Compass Group, the leading provider of catering and facility services, managing a remote and distributed workforce across their different locations is daily business and employee engagement a key driver to achieve their mission in creating the best workplaces in Denmark

In this joint webinar by Actimo and Sympa, Compass Group will join us as a co-host to discuss how to best onboard and engage remote employees and will share first-hand experiences and examples from inside their organisation.


  • Why onboarding and daily communication play such a vital role in remote employee engagement
  • How Compass Group Denmark managed to improve their onboarding flow and engagement score for their remote employees
  • How integrating different HR and Employee Engagement solutions help Compass Group Denmark in levering and streamlining their efforts

This webinar will be hosted by Annette Thomsen, Customer Success Manager at Sympa, Jonas Brauer, Sr. Customer Success Manager at Actimo and Marlene Bøtker, HR Manager at Compass Group Denmark.


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We might get in touch with you after the webinar to ask questions and get further insights. 

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    Jonas Brauer Senior Customer Success Manager @ Actimo

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    Marlene Bøtker People Director @ Compass Group Danmark

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    Annette Thomsen Customer Success Manager @ Sympa


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