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Leading Change - How to Master your Communication to make Others Thrive (Part 1)

About this event

Actimo & Intenz

Join this first session of our webinar series about Leading Change

Most leaders find themselves in the situation of being hit by incidents from outside, which requires them to adjust the planned strategies and goals. The past few weeks have shown us how quickly the world can change.

When the strategy is being abruptly altered, it naturally causes uncertainty and resistance in most people. No matter how much we want to be prepared for change, when the need arises, parts of our brain will resist.

As a leader, your most important tool right now is your ability to communicate in order to strengthen clarity, dedication and empowerment in your people, team and organization.

In our webinar, we will get into the mechanisms at play — where the resistance comes from and how you as a leader can prevent and deal with it.

In this first session you will get inspiration from experts about: 

  • What reactions to expect and how to prepare for them 
  • How to build a story that gives a holistic view 
  • How to constructively meet people who resist the changes

This common webinar by Actimo and Intenz will be hosted by Actimo’s Head of Account Management Andrew Tiscoe and Morten Hagen, Consultant at Intenz.

We might get in touch with you after the webinar to ask questions and get further insights. 

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    Andrew Tiscoe Head of Account Management @ Actimo


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