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Simple Steps for a Premium Guest Experience

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If you are a podcaster, an aspiring podcaster, or have thought: “I should start a podcast” while eating Goldfish out of a bowl propped up by your stomach (me on Tuesday night), well, we’ve got a webinar for you!

An Acuity friend and prominent pin on our #lifegoals Pinterest board, Nicole Holland from ‘Interviews that Convert’ is joining us to talk through the finer points of creating an elegant, memorable guest experience without devolving into a keyboard tantrum. Yes, you read that right. Zero tantrums.

Which isn’t easy! Nicole’s reputation for giving her podcast guests a digital back massage precedes her in Podcasterland, and she’s willing to roll back the veil on her whole operation and show us the answer to all the “How do you…?” and “What do you…?” questions your little heart desires to help ease the whole dealio out.

So, please join us on March 8 at 2pm EST for Simple Steps for a Premium Guest Experience. And bring those Goldfish!

FAST FACT: Use Goldfish in your salad as croutons to add some pep and flavor! (okay, I’m done with the Goldfish now)

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    Nicole Holland Nicole Holland

    🎙️ Podcaster & Publicist 💼 Marketing Strategist 👥 Connector of Humans 💜 Disruptors, innovators, change-makers, & thought leaders are my kinda people! 🔥

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    KR G
    Kinsey Roberts Customer Happiness Specialist @ Acuity Scheduling

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    Kristin Barber Customer Happiness Specialist @ Acuity Scheduling

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    Dusty B Customer Operations Advisor @ Acuity Scheduling

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    Ty Huggins Head of Growth

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