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Virtual Fireside Chat: Best Practices for Overcoming Operational Barriers

About this event

Join operations leaders from Headspace, Union Labs, and Invoice2Go for an open discussion on how different departments across organizations overcome operational barriers.

In this intimate discussion, attendees will hear from leaders on the the go-to-market team, the operations team, and the customer success team to receive a cross-functional understanding of how different silos manage operational barriers. Our panelists will review 5 barriers to operational efficiency, and how they approach them within their departments, including:

  • Change Management: When change is required, many employees will avoid it and stick to the way they know- even if that way is less operationally efficient. Hear how these leaders approach the issue of change management, or minimize the need for it altogether.
  • Access to IT/Engineering: When there is a lack of access to IT/Engineering, operational needs can be significantly delayed or paused outright. Learn how to adapt when there are limitations on your access to these departments.
  • Limited Budget: Sometimes you simply do not have the budget you need to address your operational needs. Hear how teams across functions manage their existing budget, or how they go about securing additional budget.
  • Lack of Time: Every operations professional can relate to the issue of time- there is never enough of it, especially when you are constantly putting out fires. Receive tips on how to better manage your time to increase efficiency and balance in your work life.
  • Lack of Tools: Not having the correct tools in place can be a major barrier to operational efficiency. In a world with an app for everything, discover how to properly vet which tools to adopt and why.

To prepare for this session, we encourage you to sign-up for one of our operations roundtables, where small groups of ops leaders will go in-depth on each of these issues prior to the webinar.

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  • Guest speaker
    Lindsay Crittendon Head, Headspace for Work @ Headspace

    Lindsay leads the enterprise and health relationship organizations at Headspace. Prior to leading Headspace for Work, she served as General Manager of Entelo and was a co-founder and VP of Finance and Operations, of Chute Corporation.

  • Guest speaker
    Annie Le Director of Operations @ Union Labs

    Annie runs anything from People Ops, Finance, and Marketing efforts for her company. Prior to Union, Annie ran operations at Pryze, a blockchain-based marketing automation protocol. Before Pryze she was the Chief of Staff at Juicero and ran partnerships at Bluewolf (an IBM company).

  • Guest speaker
    Pranav Piyush GTM Vice President, Marketing @ Invoice2Go

    Leads marketing, growth, and support. Prior to that, worked at Pilot (Series B startup), Magento (acquired by Adobe), Dropbox, Padlet (YC), and PayPal. He's deeply passionate about unlocking growth by bringing cross-functional teams together and building operational engines.


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