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What Is Operational Debt? And How to Manage It

About this event

Operational Debt is defined as; the amount of time and money required (in the way of change management, new technology, IT support, etc.) to divorce employees from the imperfect, labor-intensive, and haphazardly stitched-together processes and systems we build our operational infrastructures upon today.

Most importantly, it translates directly to increased inefficiency—it’s one reason employees today spend only 2.8 hours a day completing high-value work today—and is said to cost organizations 20-30% of their revenue every year.

In this interactive fireside chat, hear how operations leaders manage operational debt within their own organizations, and walk away with tangible strategies to mitigate it within your own.

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  • Guest speaker
    Dean Wenstrand Director of Marketing Operations @ Verkada

    Organized, results-oriented marketing professional with 7 years of digital marketing experience in the B2B software industry. Strong analytical skills and passionate about optimizing digital marketing programs across platforms.

  • Guest speaker
    Robert Munne VP WW Business Operations @ Palo Alto Networks

    Specialties: sales operations, sales analytics, marketing and sales pipeline process improvement, business development, channel management, business planning, corporate development, M&A integration

  • Guest speaker
    David Zwerin Sr. Director of Sales Operations @ Iterable

    I'm a sales operations leader who has enabled success of several high-growth technology companies. I build sales strategies and go-to market initiatives and develop all aspects of operational sales metrics to align business strategies and measure the health of the business.

  • Team member
    Briana Okyere Community & Events @ AdaptivOps

    Briana Okyere currently leads the AdaptivOps community, a cross-functional community built for operations professionals. Briana has spent the last 6 years of her career leading community efforts at Founders Network, a private community for founder of tech startups, and at Le Tote before that.


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