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Amino Acids in Ruminants – More than Milk

About this event

Protein nutrition of dairy cows has considerably evolved in recent years, taking amino acids more and more into account. For example, over 50 publications related to amino acids were made at the last American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) annual conference.

Balancing rations with amino acids not only improve dairy performance, but also contributes to the health and reproduction of dairy cows, while optimizing feed costs.

The webinar will help you to:

  • Understand more in-depth why the importance of amino acids balancing in cows is not limited only to milk production.
  • Learn how to balance amino acids in the diet and assess bioavailability of amino acid supplements.
  • Calculate economics & address reformulation challenges facing farmers.
  • See recommendations for use and test results with Adisseo products, including Smartamine and MetaSmart.


Amino Acids in Ruminants – More than Milk, 45 min

By Robert Bennett, Ruminants Category Manager EMEA

· Questions / Answers, 15min

Moderated by Mohamed Hassan & Abdelali Barhdadi – On behalf of Adisseo Ruminants technical team at MEA

The webinar is reserved for our customers and partners. If you would like to share this invitation, please let your Adisseo contact or reem.osama@adisseo.com know so that your contacts can be added to our guest list.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Abdelali Barhdadi Ruminants technical sales manager North Africa @ Adisseo

  • Guest speaker
    Mohamed Hassan Ruminants technical manager Middle-East Africa & Pakistan @ Adisseo

  • Team member
    Robert Bennett Ruminant Category Manager, EMEA @ Adisseo


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