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ANZ Adapting Livestock Production to Climate Change: the role of nutrition

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Global animal production will face significant challenges over the coming decades in order to meet the increasing demand for protein from the growing population threatened by its impacts on global warming and climate change. As a consequence of thermal challenges associated with increased climate variability, the availability of quality fodder and pasture, animal behaviour, physiological and immunological functions will be potentially impacted.

Increased ambient temperature is one of the most exacerbating attribute imposing severe consequences on livestock production. Heat-stressed animals reduce feed and water intake. This can alter the endocrine profile thereby increasing the energy requirements for maintenance leading to negative impact on the production performance of livestock.

Management of heat stress requires multiple strategies, and recent research is improving the understanding of the application of nutritional strategies to ameliorate the effects of heat stress. In particular the use of feed additives is an important, flexible and economical method to alleviate heat stress.

This webinar will help you to identify key nutritional interventions to effectively mitigate the negative impact of heat stress on livestock production.

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  • Guest speaker
    Frank Dunshea Professor

    Prof Dunshea is a Redmond Barry Distinguished Prof & Chair of Agriculture at The University of Melbourne & Professor of Animal Growth & Development at The University of Leeds. His area of expertise is in growth physiology & nutrition & understanding interactions between animals & its environment

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    Claire Xu Marketing @ Adisseo APAC

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    Kareen Lee Adisseo


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