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How mycotoxins affect the functioning of organs systems: how can we help? EMEA - ASIA

About this event


  • Welcome & Introduction

Dr. Olga Averkieva, Global Category Manager for Mycotoxin Management, Adisseo, Belgium

  • How mycotoxins affect the functioning of the reproductive, digestive and respiratory systems: how can we help? (30 - 40 min)

Dr. Hilde Van Meirhaeghe, Poultry Consultant, Vetworks, Belgium

  • Question & Answer Moderator will pick up a selection of comments/questions posted during the webinar and have speakers responding to the public (15-20min)

In order to favor interactions and the LIVE webinar, the replay will be available only at the end of the MycoInfos Webinar Series, from 1st of June 2021.

MycoInfo Webinar Series by Adisseo

This webinar is part of the MycoInfos' Webinar Series by Adisseo that aim to gather experts around a table to together draw up a picture of a holistic mycotoxin management. Every three weeks, from February to May, we will introduce a different topic concerning the comprehensive control of mycotoxins.

Complete program : https://www.adisseo.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/mycotoxins-management-webinar-series-emea-asia-program-12022021.pdf

Would you have any question regarding the webinar or the registration process, do not hesitate to contact us: margaux.lecolinet@adisseo.com


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