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Managing Oxidative Stress in Poultry

About this event

In industrial breeding conditions, animals are exposed to external pressure affecting their productivity as Nutritional, environmental, Sanitary and technological stressful conditions. those stresses result in an over production of ROS which leads to a negative impact on animals, affecting the levels of fertility, mortality, growth as well as meat & egg quality. Thus, to counteract the effects of ROS, the diet should be optimized with an antioxidant supplementation rich with Selenium.

Selenium (Se) is an essential nutrient for life fighting oxidative stress in Animals, Selisseo® 2% Se is an organic source of selenium consisting of hydroxy-selenomethionine or HMSeBA diluted on silica carrier, to be used in all species to supply 100% efficient selenium for a high level of Animal performance to ensure profitability maintenance.

During this webinar, Michele De Marco, will present the key points for effective management of heat stress in Poultry production and the trails’ results on efficacy of different types of Selenium commonly used, Adisseo’s innovation & strategy via Selisseo® to help customers improve the reproductive performance, enhanced immunity, optimized growth and improved meat and egg quality, in challenging conditions.


  • Managing oxidative stress in Poultry production, 45 min

By Michele De Marco, Global Scientific & Technical Manager for Selisseo®

  • Questions / Answers, 15min

Moderated by Hermann Van der Westhuizen & Andrew Catlett, Technical Managers for Poultry in Middle East & Africa.

The webinar is reserved for our customers and partners. If you would like to share this invitation, please let your Adisseo contact or reem.osama@adisseo.com know so that your contacts can be added to our guest list.

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  • Guest speaker
    Hermann van der Westhuizen Technical manager of Poultry at Middle-East & Africa @ Adisseo

  • Guest speaker
    AC G
    Andrew Catlett Technical manager of Poultry at Middle-East & Africa @ Adisseo

  • Guest speaker
    Michele de Marco Global Scientific & Technical Manager for Selisseo® @ Adisseo

    Michele Joined Adisseo in 2018, Following his Doctorate in animal nutrition, in his former life, used to be researcher at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Turin, free-lance poultry nutritionist consultant and R&D poultry manager in a French premix company. Today, he is author and co-author of more than 30 peer reviewed publications.


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