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Using NIR Technology to Control Feed Cost

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Continuous rising prices of major feed raw materials has been one of top challenges for the animal production industry today, besides Covid-19 and various diseases (ASP, bird flu). A timely and precise understanding of raw material nutrition profiles is of great help to nutritionists to re-formulate diets on a least-cost basis, with a wider flexibility to choose from various origins and alternative ingredients.

In the past 30+ years, Adisseo have been investing significant resources and expertise to develop in vivo based NIR prediction service, namely Precision Nutrition Evaluation (PNE), offering end users more insights about important nutrient parameters and assist them make better decisions to stay competitive.

Join with us to hear experts sharing latest developments about Adisseo PNE service and learn those success stories of PNE practical applications by our honored guest speaker Dr. Ariel Carlos!

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  • Guest speaker
    Kevin Liu Vice President Technical & Strategic Marketing @ Adisseo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

    Dr. Liu worked as a research scientist in several countries, covering selenium and other trace minerals, feed ingredients, vitamins, amino acids, pigments and enzymes for major animal species, published extensively, in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings and technical magazines, in English and Chinese. Dr. Liu has extensive knowledge and experience in animal nutrition industry. Academic Qualifications: -B.Sc. in animal sciences and M.Sc. in monogastric nutrition from Sichuan Agricultural University, China -Ph.D. from Wageningen University, Netherlands, -Post-doctorate from Food and Agriculture Faculty, University of Manitoba, Canada.

  • Guest speaker
    Ariel Carlos PRESIDENT & ANIMAL NUTRITIONIST @ C/A Consultants

    Dr. Carlos is awarded with a Graduate Student Certificate of Excellence for the paper entitled 'Influence of soybean meal particle size and chlortetracycline on the utlization of Phytat P by broilers'. Presented during the 1997 Annual Poultry Sceince Association Meeting, Athens, GA, USA. Dr. Carlos also published several articles in Poultry Science publications. He has been in the industry for over 30 years. Currently, he is the consultant of over 20 swine and poultry farms and feedmills in the Philippines. His consultancy works extend even outside of Philippines for the two international entities in Bangladesh which is involved in commercial feed milling and integrated broiler and layer operations.

  • Guest speaker
    Lihong Zhang NIR and Analytical Services Specialist, Adisseo @ Adisseo Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

    Dr Lihong joined Adisseo as NIRs expert. She is now responsible for technical support, NIRs and PNE analytical services in Adisseo Asia Pacific. She also coordinates projects to build up and enrich NIRs database of alternative or new feed ingredients. Her current interests are raw materials quality control, feed formulation, nutritional properties and digestive utilization of feed ingredients. Academic Qualifications • BSc. In Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore • PhD. In Material and Science Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore



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